ANCIENT TRADITIONS TO turn on the motion. Bring ancient practices into modern day and tip the scale towards health. Tribal artwork brings to life our long history of eating REAL food, lots of physical activity, and plenty of breastfeeding.
Babatunde Olatunji, Bob Culbertson, and African Rain
This CD is a collaboration of several top artists. Baba is a grammy award winner of West African percussion. Bob Culbertson is a world-renowned "virtuoso of the Chapman Stick."

Their music is a sublime backdrop for key nutrition, fitness, parenting and breastfeeding concepts which colorfully unfold in a 6-panel CD "pamphlet".
Turn on the tunes and enjoy dancing to the high-energy lyrics on this CD. Visit for more information.
Families In The Heart Of Education   The Family Heart Series is an attention-grabbing blend of melody and health education, with creative artwork and multicultural themes. The six-panel CD style is easy to open and readily displays colorful educational content.  The CD tray is made from 100% recycled plastic with at least 35% post consumer materials. The six-panel CD style is easy to open and readily displays colorful educational content. The CDs meet public health standards for safe information and incentive distribution. They are printed in North America.

Music by Bob Culbertson
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