Picture Real Food eBook (Spring, 2014)
DISCOVER FRESH information to feel great and inspire others to wellness.


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Wellness Focus Cards
SIX colorful cards are perfect for your fridge, pocket, or purse. They are a standard playing card size. Topics include A Hunger Scale, Physical vs Mind Hunger, Light and Heavy Feelings (NVC), Needs (NVC), and Healthy Activities.
Ancestral Food Wheel Poster
PROMOTE Ancestral Wellness in your surroundings with Real Food, Breastfeeding, Healthy Weight, and Steady Blood Sugars. This beautiful 11" x 17" printed poster is just the right size to hang on your kitchen wall, your fridge, or at your office or clinic. Four food groups are highlighted on the lower portion, along with tips and colorful food photos. At the center of the Wheel is the original real food source- Mother's milk! This Wheel is drawn from the Native American Medicine Wheel and is endorsed by the Native Wellness Institute and Native Paleo.
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Ancestor Food Cards (Spring, 2014)

KEEP TRADITIONAL food stories fresh on your tongue with these 18 Ancestor food cards.
Wake-up your health, inspire others
Regina Aguilera,
of Native Paleo
& the Native Wellness Institute