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GETTING OUR DAILY "LAUGHTER GLOW"  In the good old days, hearty belly laughs smoothed out life's daily ups and downs, and naturally wove communities together with great wellness. In today's complex world, we can dust off childhood giggles and fits of eye-tearing laughter and use them as powerful wellness tools. The playfulness of laughter, and the warm after glow of a good laugh, feel hugely satisfying!

Join me for a rolling 2-day immersion leader training to become a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL). The class design is definitely unique- a highly DYNAMIC, fun, community experience nested in the safety and interplay of  Dialogue-Education.
Lively 2-Day Trainings
As listed above, the health benefits of mirthful laughter have been confirmed scientifically this last decade. Here's a summary in Psychology Today...
With a shining record of 6,000+ social clubs in more than 60 countries since 1995, laughter yoga works worldwide. It reduces stress and brings about a natural high. Laughter yoga draws from the natural practices of group fun, childlike playfulness, deep belly breathing, and gentle stretching to energize our mind, body, and spirit. It simply and deeply FEELS SOOOO RIGHT....
Spread light & laughter
LAUGHTER YOGA is effective in just about any venue with the right timing. Here are a few you places you could find- and lead- Laughter Yoga...

Healthcare hospitals & clinics
Businesses & organizations
Senior centers and homes
Yoga studios
Staff wellness & team-building
In public
At home & at work
Training Learning Objectives
Practice the Action Endings of Laughter Exercises
Lead One Grounding Exercise Post-LY Exercises

Create and Demonstrate Two More Original Laughter Exercises
Design Jumbo Cards of the Five Laughter Yoga Points
Perform Three or More Types of Gibberish Laughter Exercises
Lead One Free Laughter Exercise
Lead Two Types of Guided Relaxation Exercises
Develop a 45-Second Elevator Pitch on Laughter Yoga
Complete a LY Marketing Plan


Lively 2-Day Trainings
We play, we share stories, we speak gibberish, we learn by CREATIVELY LAUGHING, BELLY BREATHING, and BEING TOGETHER. As you can see in the learning objectives below, the activities are streamed in a lively ebb and flow format. Here's  information about the trainings...
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& Radiate the Laughter-Glow
Laughter Yoga in the News
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Therapeutic Value of Laughter in Medicine
Laughter Yoga
ABOUT ANDY  In addition to being an Registered Dietitian (RDN) and Certified Dialogue Education Practitioner (CDEP), I am a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher (CLYT) through the International Laughter Yoga Institute. I can train others to become Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders (CLYL). CLYLs can officially offer laughter yoga sessions throughout the community, spreading laughter, light, spirit, connection, and wellness.

Label a Body Graph with the Health Benefits of Laughter Yoga (LY) Exercises
Compare the Virtues of Joy Versus Happiness
Diagram Diaphragmatic Breathing & The Parasympathetic Response on a Body Graph
Create and Demonstrate Two Original Laughter Yoga Exercises
Explain and Demonstrate the Concept of “Motion Creates Emotion”
Illustrate Your Personal LY Story in a Single Paragraph
Practice 40 Foundation Laughter Exercises
Practice the 3D’s of Laughter Exercises (Describe, Demo, Do together)
Founded by Dr. Kataria and his wife in Mumbai, India, Laughter Yoga (LY) combines the known health benefits of deep belly breathing exercises with playful activities for a great workout. A LY session if followed by guided visualizations (like the "humming bee") where we quiet the mind and enjoy waves of laughter nectar flowing through our body. Just as smiling can do more for your facial muscles than frowning, imagine what a hearty belly laugh can do! Laugh out loud with others and live life to the fullest!
"I've never seen so much smiling at a training, ever!"  -Nicole
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